Kristine Nally Biomedical Editor
I provide content editing, copy editing, and proofreading services to medical professionals, researchers, nonprofits, and companies.

Content editing is the most in-depth service that I offer and includes a high-level review of content and organization.
I will review suitability for the intended audience as well as the clarity of each paragraph and the document as a whole. This service is especially important when content from different authors is being merged, for example in a grant application.

Copy editing provides a comprehensive review of language, grammar, numbers, tables, and figures.
I remove clutter and jargon, choose precise language, and standardize terms and abbreviations. I will also format a document to follow a specific style guide or publisher requirements.

Proofreading is typically done in the final stage of document preparation, just before it is submitted or published. I check and double-check grammar, spelling, punctuation, numbers, tables, and figures to ensure the document is accurate and consistent. A fresh set of well-trained eyes is the best way to catch errors before it's too late.