Kristine Nally Biomedical Editor
Articles and White Papers

Working During Chemotherapy (Cancer Knowledge Network)

Understanding the Microbiome and Its Impact on Human Health (MD Magazine)

An Ethical Paradox for Pain Practitioners: Objectivity vs. Subjectivity (MD Magazine)

A Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain (MD Magazine)

Are Flawed Conversion Calculators to Blame for the Dramatic Increase in Methadone Overdoses (MD Magazine)

Chronic Pain Is the Most Common Reason for Dietary Supplement Use (MD Magazine)

A New Paradigm for Chronic Cases of Low Back Pain (MD Magazine)

Jupiter Medical Center Case Study (Oncology Rehab Partners)

Screening for Prostate Cancer: A Summary of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Review

Molecular Profiling for Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients

Complex FISH Probes for the Subtelomeric Regions of All Human Chromosomes

Additional Journal Publications (former name Kingsley)

Kristine L. Kingsley, Aurelia M. Meloni, Andrea M. Prier, Avery A. Sandberg and Urvashi Surti: Deletion of Both Chromosome 7 Homologues in Leiomyoma. Cancer Genetics Cytogetetics. 81:99-100 (1995).

Aurelia M. Meloni, Andrea M. Preier, Kristine L. Kingsley and Avery A. Sandberg: FISH Studies of Urinary Cells of Patients with Bladder Cancer. Urological Oncology. 1:234-239 (1995).

Kristine L. Kingsley, Andrea M. Preier, Aurelia M. Meloni, Avery A. Sandberg and Eric Klein: Cytogenetic Findings in a Bladder Chondrosarcoma. Cancer Genetics Cytogenetics.15:183-184 (1997).

Yavuz Y. Ozisik, Aurelia M. Meloni, Suzanne S. Spanier, Charles H. Bush, Kristine L. Kingsley, and Avery A. Sandberg: Deletion 1p in a Low-Grade Chondrosarcoma in a Patient with Ollier Disease. Cancer Genetics Cytogenetics. 105:128-133 (1998).

Poster Presentations

Kristine L. Kingsley, Aurelia M. Meloni, Lisa A. UíRen, Michael T. Medchill, Angelica M. Zaid, Avery A. Sandberg: Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization of Pap Smears in Management of Cervical Cancer: A New Technique. 6th International Workshop on Chromosomes in Solid Tumors. Tucson, AZ. February 19-21, 1995.

Kristine Kingsley, Jutta Wirth, Silvere Van der Maarel, and Thomas Haaf: FISH Probes Covering all Human Telomeres and Comparative Hybridizations to Primates. 9th annual Congress of the German Society of Human Genetics. Innsbruck, Austria. April 16-19, 1997.